May 23rd, 2005

  • gunnah


so i have a query about insertion, again. i haven't tried putting my diva in for quite a long time now, because it was just too frustrating. (i've actually found i don't mind being a "free bleeder." haha.) the one time i did nearly succeed was when i tied floss around it to keep it closed during insertion - my biggest problem really - but therein lay the problem. i thought i could just tug the floss off, thus allowing it to unfold, once i got it in right, but i had wound it 'round too tightly and it wouldn't budge. when i tried tying it more loosely, the diva kept opening prematurely and causing pain. has anyone else tried another way to keep it closed without relying on her hands? i'm too small to even put a finger in alongside the cup as it goes in. harrumph.