May 19th, 2005

swimming and aquafit

sorry if this is answered elsewhere and it was that i couldn't find it using search.

i have never used a cup but i'm very keen to try. what i want to know is what are peoples experience using them swimming. i hate swimming during my period because i am afraid of leaks. has anyone experienced any problems? what about during very heavy periods? and aquafit, is it ok to jump and stretch in the water with it.

DIY Menstrual cup?

I checked the memories but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know anything about making your own menstrual cups, preferably out of the same material that the diva is made of?
This is my third month using the Diva, and I think I need something a bit smaller. Granted, once I get it in high enough, I can almost not feel it (I do tend to get a dull ache all throughout my lower abdomen and back, though). But I never fill it more than barely half-way full, even during my heaviest flow after leaving it in for 8 hours. Also, it's rather difficult to cram in there, even when I relax, breathe, use lube, masturbate, and the whole lot. Taking it out just plain hurts. I managed to tear/scratch myself somehow this month. I KNOW I'm fully relaxed; I'm not afraid of the discomfort or pain. I just don't think it's a necessary discomfort if I don't need so much capacity. Maybe after I have sex it'll work easier. Meanwhile, I'd love to continue using a cup more suited to my stubborn nether regions. Any links? Info? Ideas?
No idea

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I know that yogurt can be inserted vaginally as a home-made yeast infection remedy... and I know that the cup is good at catching fluid that's coming out of you... Here's my question: does anyone know if it would be much good at holding yogurt *in*?

I'll spare you the TMI, but... yeah. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this, or had any thoughts on trying it.