May 16th, 2005



I searched the memories for this, and all I found were 2 entries; one cautioning to be careful and not flush it, and antoher asking esentially what I am, but the main reply wasn't viewable (saying it was posted by a suspened user).

I just recently got the NuvaRing; I'm currently waiting for my period to start so I can insert it, and I'm a new Divacup user (this will be my 2nd cycle). Will I be able to use the 2 simutaneously w/o leakage, or should I just wait until day 5 of my cycle to start the NuvaRing (to make it towards the end of my bleeding), and rely on liners?


This is my second cycle with the Diva cup. I've had it for 3 months but I had double foot surgery last month and since I find squatting the easiest position to get it in I opted not to use it. For the first time this month I enjoyed the convenience of putting it in before bed and not staining sheets from the first day of period. This is also the first time that I managed not to have it leak during the day. That was until...I was sitting in my office and suddenly felt a leak. I'm not sure why after having a good seal all day (8 hours) it broke seal? I know it was a good seal because I got the sucking noise in the morning. Anyone else have an experience like this?

Another silly thing I wondered was is for people who say their cervix is in the cup, is it possible to accidently pinch your cervix when you go to break the seal on the cup? I just think of the icky sensation that happens when the gyno touches your cervix...blah.

One more item. Has anyone ever actually got the cup to turn like the directions say? If so how the heck did you do it? I've kind of worked out my own way of getting it to open which involve putting it in so the base is still out, rocking it back in forth until it opens, and then pushing it the rest of the way up.

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Hello Everyone:

I am a first time Diva cup user. I inserted it once before my period I was about midcycle and it went in beautifully opened and was very comfortable. I started spotting so I just wanted to try it again before my period becomes full blown. I tried to insert it last night 3 times and it was very uncomfortable. i figured out from reading memories and such that I had my cervix pinched. I got it inserted well today after 2 times but I am having a similar problem to a poster below with the stem leaning to the side and poking my inner labia. I am fairly comfortable sitting but when i stand it rubs. Will i get used to it? I have already tried to trim the stem and am afraid to trim any more off. Also I think I may have nicked something going in because I have quite a bit of bright red blood coming from below the rim of the cup. Will this in time stop as well? Ok one more question... For about a half an hour afterward I feel very crampy in my uterus area. Is my cup inserted wrong or am I just getting used to it? Thank you all for listening.
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Hi everyone!

First off, a big thank you to this community which I found this past weekend. I read up on the memories and went ahead and purchased my first ever diva cup (and first ever lunapads). I'm 32, so it's going to be a totally new experience. It surprises me that I never heard of menstrual cups until now, and, I'm not hiding under a rock or anything. Really shocking that this isn't something that's more talked about.

My question for you guys: if you knew then what you know now about using diva/menstrual cups, what would you have done differently, if anything?

:EDIT: Thank you guys, your responses have been so helpful and now I'm really excited! :-)