May 11th, 2005

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insertion problems

hi everyone.

A friend of mine suggested that I try menstrual cups, but I didn't want to invest without trying them. So I picked up a box of instead disposable cups, figuring I could always give them to someone else if they didn't work.

Well, my period started today, and I'm confused. I tried to insert the cup but the drawings are a big confusing. They show a woman sitting down with a vaginal canal parallel to the ground, and her cervix is straight up and down (at a right angle to the vagina)! In the picture, the cup goes in all the way (with lots of room to spare) and then fits over the cervix.

When I attempt to insert the cup, it indeed folds up easily and slides in, but seems to hit the "end" right as the edge I'm holding onto gets to the edge of my vagina.

The cup is about 2.5 inches in diameter when relaxed, and when it's squeezed for entry it's just under 4 inches long. I've never used a measuring tape, but I'm sure I've had sex with men more than 4 inches long, so I'm not sure why the cup is stopping.

Also, the diagram makes it look like the cup should surround my cervix. Since I'm pretty sure my cervix is not at a right angle to my vaginal canal as the picture shows, do I have to rotate the cup once it's inside me?

Thanks everyone.
hippy-geek, ssl, love, tux-n-beastie

Inserting an Instead

Hi everyone! Thanks to yosephy's help, I have figured out how to insert an instead. Since I didn't find anything in the memories specifically about Insteads, I figured I should write this up and post it.

Don't be intimidated by the size of the instead. My first thought was "how the heck is that going to go inside me? However, the instead is very flexible, and can be squeezed till the edges touch. You probably want to do that the first time, although I've done a few dozen insertions today trying to get it right and I'm not squeezing it all the way anymore.

The images on the box are horrible. Ignore them - I don't think anyone is actually built like that. If your not familiar with the inside of your vagina, you may want to explore the area a little with your finger. Everyone's vagina is at a slightly different angle, and apparently the cervix moves around a bit.

Especially if your short, you want to be standing or squatting when you insert the cup. Slide it in against the back wall of the vagina (you want to push it towards your butt). When it's most of the way in, you should feel your pelvic bone near the top of your finger. If your short like me, you may have to shift the muscles around there a little to get that last bit of the cup past the pelvic bone. It will "click" into place. Don't worry, it only moves about a centimeter, just to the other side of the bone. It still comes out easy. ;)

Hopefully this is helpful. :)

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hey ladies! i'm new here--i got a diva cup a few weeks ago and was really excited...only i just started my period and kinda freaked out about it. i had no problem getting it in and it unfolded, except i couldn't turn it (reading some recent posts now gave me new ideas to work this out). but yeah...after 5 minutes of thinking "this doesn't feel like a tampon" and "i wonder what'll happen if it migrates up and i'm too much of a dork to dig around for it," i wimped out and took it out. was hoping i could get some opinions/encouragement--should i try it again this period, or do i need to get more comfy with my body before using it? i'm not a fan of putting my fingers up there (yet), so does removal sometimes require digging (i was really surprised by how just kinda 'pushing down' like they say really moved the thing down for me so not much digging was required--is that typical after its been in a while)? also, it kinda hurt coming out (not much more than taking out a tampon too early) and i read this in the memories: "how to remove your Keeper without stretching you out to the consistency of a trash bag"--do cups really "strech you out" if you don't remove them right? i don't really care about this, but it'd be something to be aware of. thanks!