May 10th, 2005


new technique for insertion

Maybe you wonderful women have already figured this out, but I haven't seen it mentioned here so I thought I'd share.

On the Divecup instructions it says that after you put the cup in you should turn it so it can pop open. Personally, I've never been able to turn it once it was inside, and it's also hard for me to make sure it's open all the way. But I've found that if I turn the cup as I'm putting it in, it goes in much easier and farther and I can feel it pop open without a problem.
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DivaCup--Official word on cleaning

I wrote to the Divacup people to get their official word on what is and is not recommended to clean the DivaCup. I thought I'd share their response here:

"The best way to clean the DivaCup is simply using unscented soap and water. We say to boil it, however, it is not necessary to keep it clean. We do not recommend to use tea tree oil, bleach or vinegar, it is not good for the silicone. Try using rubbing alcohol to get rid of [smells], it should work fine. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the stains off the cup."
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Note: When one often pulls the cup out by hooking onto the ridges of the stem, one would be wise not to cut one's fingernails very short just before one's period is expected to show up.


Oh, and I'm curious about something. How many of you get the cup occasionally rubbing against the G-spot if you change your position? It happens to me all the time. (I'm certainly not complaining or anything; it feels good and helps the cramps *grin*). I'm just wondering.
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