May 9th, 2005

  • shula

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Hello again! I just got my Mooncup today, and have a quick question:

Can Betadine be used to clean a Mooncup? (I really have no idea what a "sterilising solution" would be here in Belgium). I also have found something called Neo-Sabenyl, which is a mild antiseptic solution. I'm /really/ sensitive so I want to avoid anything that uses bleach if possible. Boiling is an option, but could be very inconvenient. Any advice is welcome. :) Thanks in advance!

Keeper and leaks?

I just got a Keeper. I've been using it for the past 3 days, and I really like it. However, when I empty it, for a few hours after, there's some spotting. I don't think the keeper is leaking - I think it's just blood that is lower than the cup when I re-insert it. The cup isn't out of me that long - I give it a quick rinse and back it goes, but it must be long enough for some blood to travel. Not a huge issue, but I thought I'd see if you wiser and more experienced ladies had any words of wisdom about preventing this.