May 4th, 2005



Hey again girls,
I've been a user of DivaCup for awhile now (couple years) and I absolutely love it... only problem is the discolouration it's developed from use. I've used vinegar and rubbing alcohol on it in attempts to get some of the discolouration out. Any other suggestions that may work, or just deal?

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i wanted to share what i use to clean the holes out in my diva cup. i used to use the standard fill the cup with water, put it on my palm and force the water out of the holes method, but sometimes it didn't quite work. i use one of these things, called an interdental tooth brush, because i have a gap in the upper part of my front teeth (an aside, i had that surgery done when i was a kid to cut the skin that makes one all gums when smiling). anyway, it's like a stick with a tiny tapered pipecleaner on it. one day i had an idea, i got a clean pipecleaner insert thing and put it on and used it to clean the holes out in my cup. it worked so welll i bought another one for my mouth and use the other for the diva cup. they are very inexpensive, maybe a couple of dollars and refils for the end are inexpensive too. they come in two ends tapered > and straight =. the straight works great for cleaning the stem too.

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hey... i just joined, and i have a question that i couldn't find any info on anywhere... if it's already been asked, just point me in the right direction... but it's pretty specific, so here goes:
i have had my diva cup for about a month and a half now...
i have not had any trouble during the day. even on the heaviest days, it's awesome. no problems. perfect.
BUT during the night!!! oh god! it is always totally - no leaks at all - ok UNTIL i stand up. then it's blood pouring down my legs and all over the sheets and when i take out the cup there is like 2 drops of blood in it, and the other probably 1/2 oz. or so is all over the place. the cup isn't even bloody, it doesn't look like the blood was ever even IN the cup.
i told a friend about this who has a keeper, and she said i should try pushing it up real high because that works for her. i tried to, but i was unable to get it up any higher than right inside me (which works fine during the day)... is there a trick to this? does anybody have any other suggestions as to why it's leaking at night? how to fix it? HELP ME PLEASE!
also, i don't think it's a "needing to do kegels" thing, because trust me, i'm not too big.