May 3rd, 2005

Awww... 2-year old Adela at the Beach!

First time and I'm lovin' it!

Hello Everyone,
I read just about everything on this website and then purchased a DivaCup! I was really excited to get it and finally started my period yesterday. It's been working great for me and I've had no leaks... I just had to trim the stem about half off and that made it SO much more comfortable. The only question I have is about removal. It's kinda difficult for me to remove (I'm a virgin, but I don't know if that makes any difference...). Is it possible to fold it back up sort of like the C-method to take it out, or is it better to just flatten it? It just feels so wide and hurts some when I take it out... Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and thanks to that wonderful person who posted up that alternative way of folding the cup (in the memories). It's the only way that would work for me! I'm so happy that it's working because I got a big scare out of that news article that came out not too long ago about increased chances for TSS in teens and how TSS was making a come-back(I'm a teen). I'd always used Tampax tampons for my periods... Actually, I thought the idea of a menstrual cup was disgusting when I first heard it! Look at me now... =)