May 1st, 2005

Jon Stewart

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Ok, the memories seemed to help at first, but I'm still in pain.

I got my DivaCup, and insertion was crappy but doable.

Now, I tried to take it out last night, and it didn't work. I'd pull the cup about half way out, after pinching it, folding it in a bit, twisting it to the side, bearing down (although I can get it almost all the way out just by pushing) and pulling from the top of the cup with both hands, it doesn't want to come out. I bite my lip and keep pulling, but it gets way to painful and I have to jam it right back up. The same thing happened this morning.

Am I missing something? I don't even want to do this again, I just want it OUT.

I think I'm way to small for this cup.



I'm on month three of my DivaCup, and I love it. But I have a couple of questions that never really came up before. I checked the memories, but I really couldn't find anything. So, help?

1. On boiling my cup (Which I'm not planning on doing every month, and just cleaning it regularly, but every now and again, a good boil can't hurt), do I put my cup in the water while the water comes to a boil, or after the water is already boiling?

2. When I insert my cup, I notice that there is a some pressure. I don't know how much of that is regular just pushing pressure, the simple pressure of putting something in my vagina, or air pressure that I know isn't good for vaginas. How concerned should I be of this?

3. My cup doesn't pop open right away when I insert it. Usually, after a few steps it pops open, but I can't feel it. It feels REALLY weird when it pops open when I'm sitting, though, lol. However, the only time I EVER have leaks with my Diva is when my cup isn't popped open all the way. Is there anyway to force my cup to pop open so I don't have to go back later and check to see? (and possibly be surprised by a leak)

Thanks, everyone!
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First time mooncup user here. I'm not having problems getting it in or out. However, I find that I can REALLY feel that it's in. To the point where getting it out is a real relief. It's really uncomfortable. Has anyone else experienced this & how did you remedy it? I'm determined to cut out tampons & pads but I can't really see this happening soon. I'm not sure if it's the "stalk" bit hurting me - I've cut about half off & can't imagine getting it out without it yet...maybe I should just go for it? I'm also getting very slight leakage. I guess it's a positioning problem? Please help!

(sorry if this has been done to death - just delete & point me in the right direction!!)