April 27th, 2005


DivaCup Breakthrough.

Like I said yesterday, I've been using it for three cycles and am still leaking. Last evening, I tried something new that I haven't seen posted on here before. I did all the normal stuff like running a finger along it to be sure it's open, twisting, and the Cup Dance. This time, after all that, I pulled on it a bit until I felt the suction pulling on me, then I pushed it back in a little at the same angle.

Amazingly...no leaks that time and it's heavy flow. Then, I changed it and went to bed and left it in for about 7 or so hours. Again, no leaks whatsoever and it was completely full to those little holes ^_^ The third time I tried it, I think it would have leaked if I had left it in there longer, but then I was half asleep when I was inserting it...so who knows. I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue to have no leaks with this method.

I'm just so happy right now that I had at least 2 times where I didn't leak at all. Maybe this technique will help someone else too.