April 20th, 2005


Not... popping

I'm very new to my diva cup - this is my first cycle. I used it the first two days but then the past two days...
I've been getting it in, but its not popping. It's not unfolding and being a cup, it's just staying folded inside me.
This is very frustrating. Any advice on getting it to unfold properly?
Thank you

edit: more frustrated. I've made sure that it's pointing towards my tailbone. I've wiggled it back and forth. I've tried hot water. I've tried cold water. I've moved my finger all around it. I've poked, I've proded, I've done dances and curses. All advice has been helpful, but its still not popping.

I want so badly for this to work for me. I travel a lot, I'm eco-friendly, and I'm in college. The $38 was an investment that is turning into more frustration than it is worth.

there's a pan of water heating on the stove...

Today, my Keeper retires. I'm sad about it. We had a good four years together until the southern regions began to, um, complain. I gave it two more chances. I tried trimming the stem, which I had never trimmed despite being substantially longer than the Diva or Moon. For some reason, I could never get it to go where it usually went. I guess there was a reason.

Today was its third chance, and while I wasn't in agony, I could feel it all day long. Later, I looked up info on latex allergies and I was not delighted by what I found. Being a poor college kid, I kept giving the Keeper chances...college is temporary but anaphylactic shock is forever. So I ran right out and biked/bussed to the next town, slapped down $38, and here I am, admiring my new Diva pin and cup. Incidentally, it's the very same store where I bought my Keeper.

Does anyone come up to you when you wear your Diva pin, and say that they are also in the, erm, secret society of happy menstruaters?

EDIT: One front-row attendance at a Muse concert later, no complaints. Accolades, in fact. It's fun to be a satisfied customer a second time in a row.

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I've had my divacup sitting in my bathroom for a while now, waiting for my period to start so I can test it out.

I F'in LOVE this thing. No leaks, comfortable, and best of all- I can fool around with my boyfriend and not be so dry that it's uncomfortable for me. I thought that the cup was leaking, until I went to the bathroom and realized that there were no leaks, the cup just wasn't absorbing all my juice. SO AWESOME!!!!