April 19th, 2005


Nasty smells..

Last month I decided to soak my Mooncup in sterilising solution. I followed the instructions and my Mooncup came out stinking of bleach! I can't remember exactly what I did to get rid of the smell, but I'm sure it involved boiling it a few times and scrubing it. I noticed after emptying my Mooncup it absolutely stunk. Not just a bleachy smell, but a totally vile smell that had me dry reaching. Sadly, I had to use pads for the rest of my period.

This time around, I boiled my Mooncup before using it, sniffed it and decided it was all good. However, unpon emptying out it still smelt! Not nearly as bad as last time but still enough for me to retire it for this month.

Why does my Mooncup hate me so? :( I don't think it's just because of me, although I know I didn't ovulate for the last two months so my period has been different than normal. Could that cause me and my Mooncup to smell? Maybe it was just the bleach stuff.. Any ways to get rid of smells? Tee tree oil?
  • hdcat

anatomy question

I tried my DivaCup out the last day of period a few weeks ago & have done a couple dry runs for practice. So far getting it in isn't that bad but I'm still not great on removal (and tips appreciated). What I'm wondering about is how close are other gals urethra's to their vagina's? Menstrual cups sure do make you more aware of your own anatomy (and I was already pretty familiar from having to catheterize myself for a few months a couple of years ago)- I figured this was the best place to ask. I don't have a lot of separation between them & I'm wondering if that may affect how well menstrual cups will work for me.