April 15th, 2005

Beech leaves

Moderator speaking

Could I remind members of the user info:

If you do post (and don't be afraid to), please limit your posts to questions and/or comments regarding the use and care of your cup, as these generate discussions that are of benefit to the community and its members. Please use the LJ cut tag if your post is extremely wordy or contains photos. Subject headers for posts are recommended as they facilitate searching through previous posts.

Posts that simply declare that you just ordered or received your cup, that your cup is working fine for you, or posts that rave about how much you love your cup (even though we all agree!) aren't going to help any of the community members with their questions and problems, and therefore may be deleted.

I know it's exciting when you first get your cup, but it would be appreciated if you don't post about it non-stop while you get the hang of the thing.