April 13th, 2005

Stacey - Brokeback LJ


This is only my second cycle with La Diva, as I like to refer to her, so I'm up to hear anyone's opinions on this matter.

Ok, so, I had ABSOLUTELY NO leaks at ALL last time (my first cycle with it ever). I thought it was a pleasant surprise, but I also thought "ha! I know what I'm doing!"


So, I get up this morning, and I had started already, so I start to insert, something goes wacky, so clean, wipe, try 'er again. Everything's lovely, got 'er up there, lalala.

I come to work, and I feel the all too familiar "uh...something's leaking below" feeling, so I immediately went and checked things out.

Leak city! When I removed it (which took almost no work at all - something that was hard work for me the first time around - I really had to concentrate and tug), there was blood outside the cup, inside the cup, all over the place.

Now, when I inserted it, it felt open to me. I can't do the "twist" thing...well, I can't say "can't" because I haven't really tried. There wasn't a need before. I'd pop it up there and kinda check and it felt open to me, and hey, I had no leaks, so I must have done it right then.

But this time, when I did my little check, it felt open to me. *shrugs*

Any ideas on what went amiss? When reinserting, I got a little bit of stuff going on on the panty liner now but I honestly think that's due to the earlier leakage...I think I've got her up there ok now...


first post!

I was changing my diva cup, and I smelled like mint. I thought, how odd? I had heard of blood smelling of all sorts of different foods, but never mint! I rinsed the cup out and gave her a sniff. And it was my cup that smelled. I was thinking...how the hell?? Then I realized it had been in my bag with a pack of gum for, well, almost a month! So, it had abosorbed the smell. I wanted to share my story, and thought this would be a good first post!