April 12th, 2005

question about clogged holes

My period is exceptionally heavy this month, I've already bled more in two days that I did collectively last month.

my question is for ladies with heavier flows: do the holes in your cup get clogged the instant you try and put the cup in? Mine have been and instead of a pop and suction I get a little bit of an air hissing sound and some squeaking and the cup doesn't make suction. I have to take it out, clean out the holes, and try again at least three times before I'm successful. has anyone else had this problem? does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm looking into getting a menstrual cup, and I think I've decided on a Keeper (especially since I found a site where they sell them for $28), but I have a question.

I'm a virgin, and honestly, they look REALLY BIG. To those who are virgins and use them, or were virgins and used them, is this a problem? I mean, I've used tampons (even x-super ones) without a problem, but these look a lot bigger than tampons.


Based on the last question, I'm asking about your actual stories about how the cups worked for you under virgin conditions.

I ask because when I'm busy hyping the Keeper et al, someone is always going to ask about using them as virgins. I have nothing to say, because I had the unfortunate condition of no tampons either. Nothing would ever fit up there, not tampons, not a finger, and surely no cup! I was so mad over that, and was delighted once the condition, er, took care of itself.

So, what can I tell these precious potential customers?
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