April 10th, 2005

(no subject)

Hello! I just joined the community because I decided to try Instead cups for the first time yesterday. Background info: I'm 17 years old and have been using tampons for about 5 years.
Yesterday I tried to put it in but absolutely could not get it in right, so I gave up. Today, I tried again and I *think* I did it right, but I'm not sure.
My question: I have it in so that I can't feel it at all, which I assume is how it should be. However, I can feel it with my fingers and for some reason it seems really far down. Is that normal? Should I be able to feel it right away with my fingers? Or should it go farther in?
Also, I feel a little bit of pressure/pain from putting it in/having it in. Is this just what happens the first time one uses a cup? Will it go away? Or did I do something wrong?
I hope this made sense. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!