April 8th, 2005

Need Divacup support

I just joined Livejournal so I could post here. I hope I'm doing it right! I've read the memories already, but I still need some support. I've been using the Instead cups for a while now and love them, but hated throwing them away since they are not biodegradable. I thought the divacup would be the perfect answer but I am having problems with it. I inserted it without TOO much trouble, but it poked. I tried pushing it up higher but it was still uncomfortable when I walked. I can never even feel the Instead. Then I coughed, which I do a lot since I have had chronic bronchitis since childhood. Whoa! Felt like it was going to shoot right out! Then it was extremely uncomfortable. I couldn't seem to reposition it any way that was comfortable so I gave up and removed it.
I then trimmed the stem (which was already less than a half inch long, not like the photos I've seen) but I am too sore to try again right now, an hour later. Removal was a nightmare, where I don't have any trouble removing the Instead.

Sorry this is getting long. Main questions here are:
#1. Are you supposed to be able to feel it when it is in properly? I really like that I can't feel the Insteads at all and I don't know if I can get used to this.

#2. Is it going to move down like that every time I cough? It didn't go back into position on its own, so obviously in my case this wouldn't be acceptable.

So what am I doing wrong?
Beech leaves

Menstruation and Islam

There's an interesting discussion on menstruation and Islam going on in 3faithdialogue at the moment, concerning ritual purity and prayer. Apparently menstrual blood, sexual fluids, urine and faeces become impure when they leave the body; uterine bleeding is not ritually impure if it is from a blood vessel. I'm curious as to how women with menstrual cups would fit in, as many of us only need to change it twice a day and it is thoroughly contained within the body between times. Any Muslims here who could comment?

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