April 7th, 2005

Forget your period?

Ever since I started using my diva, I keep managing to forget that my period is coming. I'm on the patch, so I don't have that daily reminder of how many days until my next period comes. The last two months I actually thought that I had LOST my third patch, because I didn't believe it was actually time for my period again. It's just so hassle free now that it's actually thrown my internal clock off a little. So this month, for the first time since I was about 13, I had to write on my calendar when I was going to get my period, so I wasn't surprised, lol.

cervix question!

this seems somehow related to my diva cup, in that since i started using it i'm very aware of my cervix
where it sits and how it feels. etc.
but anyway i realized a couple of days ago that I have a bump on my cervix,!. like a lump. it doesn't hurt at all.
has anyone ever had something like this? any ideas what it is? it wasn't there a week ago, because i was using my cup and know that my cervix felt normal. to get this out of the way i'm 22, and a virgin.

DivaCup is hospitalized

I recently noticed a tear in my DivaCup near the rim, just under one of the air holes. It's about half a centimeter long. I ordered my cup at the end of last April, so it is still under the guarantee, but does that cover damage also? Is there a way to fix it myself, and is it dangerous for me to continue wearing it? I figure bacteria could start to grow in it. I really love my cup but I can't afford to replace it.
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diva and cervix?

I've read a few posts regarding the sitting position of the diva/moon cup. Some ladies said that their cervix sits IN the cup, i hope this isn't a stupid question but how can you tell? I've only had my cup for one cycle (and one day) and earlier i was trying to figure this out.. When i put a finger inside fully extended it doesn't hit anything (i don't know i was expecting to hit my cervix or something) but when i put my cup in i can't really push it in any further than just inside. I haven't had any major leaks (tho only six days experience) so i know for some people it sits low but i was just curious Thanks!