April 5th, 2005

  • hdcat

Got my DivaCup & had bladder xray

Well as least one positive thing today- I love my new DivaCup! Bladder xray wasn't so good...I still couldn't pee on command after they filled my bladder with radioactive fluid but they were able to see what was going on with the xrays they took (it took several minutes to go even in the privacy of the bathroom after the test-lol). I do have urine refluxing up the ureter on the right side & since its my only kidney it has to be treated agressively even low its a very mild case of reflux. So April 20th I'll be heading to the hospital for the minor procedure- they can go in through my bladder so I won't have any incisions. One cool thing is that the Instead Softcup I had in during the test didn't show up on xray...you know I had to look & see just in case when the doctor left my xray up on the light box.