April 3rd, 2005

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I trying my first Divacup today. And it took about five tries before I think I got it in.

About how far is it supposed to be in?

When I sit I can still feel it slightly when I move about - does it mean I inserted it wrong? It's not pain or anything just feel likes it there.

Also the instructions say that you need to pinch the base and turn it one circle to make sure its open. however, I'm realy tight so I can't exactly turn it when its in. what should i do?

Oh yeah, and I feel like the stem seems to be itching/poking my vulva lips and its a bit annoying. Does that mean I need to pull it out more?


Hi folks,

I just got my Diva Cup and am loving it as much as I loved my Keeper before it bugged my latex sensitivity too much. I looked through the memories (admittedly somewhat cursorily, as it's bedtime. My question is -- can one sleep with one's menstrual cup in? I'm gonna try it tonight with some GladRags for backup, but I'm wondering if the change in the angle might induce bad results. What do you all do at sleepytime?

*yawn* Hokay. Sleep now.
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Just Making Sure...

I know that it's said to be okay to leave the cup in for about 12 hours or until it fills up, etc. But I was wondering how long is really too long to leave it in if I'm at the end of my period and the flow's pretty light? Is there a maximum time frame where I should take it out for any health-type reasons? I would just do it every twelve hours and wash it out, but I'm still getting the hang of insertion/popping it open, and would rather have to do it every 24 hours or so. That's fine, right?