April 1st, 2005


diva cup insertion trouble and possible solution

this is my first cycle with the diva cup and for the life of me i couldn't get it in deep enough. i was even holding it closed inside my vagina but it was hitting my cervix.

in fact my cervix dips so low during my period that it was actually inside the cup! this worries me because i have an IUD and i don't want to risk it expelling. i am SO careful to make sure the suction is gone before removing the cup!

anyways, today (2nd day of cycle) i tried this method:


it went in with absolutely no problems and no irritation from being too low. i don't know if it worked because of the method or because my cervix is a little higher today (which is purely a guess). i'll just have to wait until next month to know for sure!

how common is this cervix-in-cup thing? i mean, i knew my cervix got lower on my cycle but according to the pictures on the diva cup site there should be a big gap between the cup and the cervix...
bee princess

is it possible to over-sterilize the Diva?

Here is the situation. I live in a Hall of Residence. I have my own bathroom, but is the kind of tiny you usually see on a train. The only shelf for storage is directly under the sink... out of sight, and out of mind. This is usually where I leave my Diva when not in use... Now, after each cycle, I like to soak it in a solution of baby sterilizing fluid for 12 hours or so. I usually put it in a little container on this same shelf... I left it there on Tuesday... and only remembered it this morning when I went to get some lube... So... Will having left my Diva in the sterilizer for so long have damaged it? What do you ladies think?
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