March 31st, 2005

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this community. Having suffered horribly with trying to deal with disposable pads and sometimes tampons, I've finally been able to find Instead Softcups at a local beauty-supply store. (I somewhat recently moved to Belgium and am still learning where to find what.) They are /so/ much less irritating and abrasive than tampons, but I still find them to be a bit uncomfortable. I think they might be slightly too large for me and, in order to tuck the cup behind my pubic bone, I have to press a little too much and am concerned about possible bruising. (After two days of wearing them..changing every 6-12 hours, I'm feeling a bit sore inside.) I am thinking of ordering a Mooncup from the UK (since it is actually less expensive to have it sent than to buy from the one store that I've found that will order them on request). The idea of something environmentally-friendly and potentially much healthier for me is very appealing (not to mention not having to spend money on all those disposable products every month)...but I am so sensitive and have had so many problems in the past, that I am concerned. Is there anyone who might compare the comfort level of a Softcup to a Mooncup for someone particularly sensitive "down there"? I know they are entirely different shapes and worn differently. The more details the better, since I like to make the best decisions I can for my body and the environment.

Thank you, in advance. :)

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I'm curious...I know that tampons can make you sore and dry, and even may cause yeast infections as they soak up your natural secretions too. However, I thought that most vaginal secretions came from the cervix, so wouldnt these just go straight into a cup instead of carrying out their cleansing purposes? I understand that arousal lubrications come from glands in the vaginal wall, but I didnt think this was the case normally. So basically my question is...

Dont cups hold natural vaginal secretions as well as blood? And if so, how are they better than tampons in leaving you less dry?

Wow, I hope that makes sense to someone!

Thanks in advance! :)

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soreness with divacup

Hello All,

I have been using the diva cup for 4 days now, and have noticed that it is making me sore where the rim rests. Nothing terrible but uncomfortable enough for me to feel and want to take it out for a bit. I am wondering if this is because I am having to change my cup every 2 hours or could it be because sometimes when the cup opens up too early before I get it inserted good, the upper half of my vaginal canal gets suctioned and that hurts.

Also, I have noticed that no matter what I do, the cup rides up high until my cervix is in it, even when I place it low, it rides up to a certain spot. Is it normal to have soreness after a few days of using the diva or is it my insertion or something?


From what I've read about a lot of people's experiences, the cup should only leak when it's overflowing. Mine leaks when it's a little over half full, which makes sense because of the little holes there that blood can escape from.

Does anyone know why for me it leaks out of the holes, but not for others? This is confusing me...