March 30th, 2005


I have been using divacup for 3 days now and am experiencing leakage, forcing me to change every 2 or 3 hours. I am a very heavy bleeder, and am already at 3 1/2 ounces. I think I am doing everything right, following most of the tips, but I don't know. How often are other heavy bleeders averaging a flow, and how many times are you ladies changing your cups?

I am becoming disheartened because tampons held more longer for me, and the divacup isn't so comfortable with insertion/removal that I want to be doing it every 2 hours. Maybe it is the suction thought it feels open when I twist and feel it. I definitely don't think I need the bigger size because I am very small up there. Also, removal is messy, messy. Is it because I have a heavy flow, am a beginner or my technique? HELP ME LADIES! I just can't go back to tampons.

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So, first day using the Mooncup yesterday. All day was fine, perfect infact. No leaks at all! I emptied it before bed, but then woke up at around 5, went to check it and it had leaked. Not hugely, but enough to make a stain in my underwear.

I was just wondering....
1. Anyone else have this problem when sleeping?
2. Do you know why this is? I'm assuming it's some kinda body positioning/gravity issues?!
3. Anyone got any tips of how to prevent this? I really dont wanna have to use pads at night anymore :(

Thanks in advance! :)

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Winter hellebore

The honeymooncup's over!

Well, last period I tried Mooncupping for the first time, and nothing went wrong. I couldn't believe how lucky I was!

This month - I dunno. Maybe I'm more blase, maybe it's because I'm at home and therefore not as paranoid about checking every hour as I would be at work. Anyway, I had major insertion problems yesterday, I woke up with leakage this morning, and it's leaked, on and off, today. Nothing major, and I think it might just be that there was blood already 'travelling' downwards when I put the cup back in, but it's annoying.

And a couple of hours ago, I went up to check, saw that I'd been leaking a bit, and removed the cup in a bit of an irritated tizzy. (note to self: never remove Mooncup in irritated tizzy.) It popped out, cartoon-style, and I managed to spill the whole contents onto the floor behind me! Oh yes, and on the back of my jeans, too. :-( I had to use bleach on the grout between the floor tiles to get the stain off...

Moral: I guess it's too soon to get blase about using a cup. Serves me right for being cocky!

Panty liners?


I've had my mooncup for over a year now and it's fantastic, but I still find I use disposables now and again - my periods are not very predictable, so I often wear a pad or a panty liner "just in case", and also at the end of my period when the cup isn't catching much I prefer to use a panty liner for the last wee bit.

I'm thinking I ought to switch to washables. Any recommendations, folks? I'm not up for making my own. I've looked around the net and there seem to be lots of different kinds...?
I'm in the UK. And I don't want to have to buy a huge kit with lots of pads cos I only want them occasionally and use my cup most of the time.