March 28th, 2005

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Ok, I have a question to ponder with you all. I got the little "free" ($2.99 shipping) trial pack of Insteads in the mail because I didn't want to commit to a whole box of the things. I looked through the memories and there was a thread on this, but i'm hoping to get more answers and feedback.

I was thinking about just how reusable the Instead cups are. Obviously they say to use them only once, but is that because it would be truly honestly unhealthy to use them again, or because they want to sell more products? I'm leaning more towards the second option.

My reasoning that they are much more reusable than they are advertised to be is that in the instructional video they say it is made of the same material things like rubber nipples on bottles are made of. So does that make it silicone? Because I recall reading somewhere that the diva cup is compared to products like that too and I know it's made of silicone.

So this is telling me that these things really can be used at least several times before being thrown out. I'm willing to try it because I've never had a yeast infection before so I'm not too terribly worried about causing the outbreak of one. Anybody that has reused it, what did you clean it with? Has anyone boiled an Instead? If so, please do share your experiences. It seems to me like it would hold up during a boiling and if nobody has done it and wants to share I'm definitely going to try it out because that would get it the cleanest.

The idea of reusing Insteads might be really unpopular, but I'm having a hard time believing they can't be reused if properly cleaned. I'd love to hear some personal experiences about reusing them, but please no stern warnings of it being a bad idea. Experiences gone wrong are one thing but I know it's not recommended to reuse them so I don't need a reminder. Thanks, I hope to hear from you!

Clarification on Insertion (and Removal?)

Hello everyone!

Approximately a month ago (after hearing nothing but rave reviews) I purchased a DivaCup. I was pretty excited about the entire decision, especially when it actually arrived. Shortly before I ordered it, I became a member of this community and familiarized myself with the archives.

The archives (as well as those over at vaginapagina and some searching around the internet) have definitely provided me with tons of great information, but when it came time to test out the Diva, I failed miserably. I either couldn't keep it shut properly (even before insertion), or it would painfully pop open just as I inserted it, and retrieving it after these failed attempts took quite a bit of effort as well. Once, I actually managed to insert the Diva with very few problems (and it seemed to get as high as it needed to), but she wouldn't pop open.

I'm not concerned about all that, I'm assuming it'll eventually come more naturally as I get used to it. However, my question is this: when you're inserting the cup, do you actually keep it closed (and consequently insert the fingers as well as the cup) until it's in all the way, or do you just sort of push the bottom of the cup up once it's partially in? I know that's not worded very well, but I'm just...apparently not able to insert my fingers and the cup at once. That makes no sense because the vagina is equipped to give birth but...I just can't do it.

I mentioned this problem to my SO, and he suggested maybe being aroused when I insert it so the vagina has expanded but...the thought of inserting my Diva doesn't quite get me going. ;) Anyone?
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Buy a Divacup

I just made this simple banner with Divacup's advertising slogan. I want to make a larger one that's a bit more ornate, but I'll have to wait until I get back home to do it because this computer is acting funky.

Here is the code, just replace the parenthesis with the code arrow symbols and post it in your LJ. Spread the word!

(center)(img src="" alt="Image hosted by")(br)(br)(a href="")Buy a Divacup(/a)(/center)

First experience

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I was miffed at the DivaCup company about some pricing stuff, but I have to admit I do love the cup itself. I can feel normal for the week, instead of always worrying in the back of my mind if it's time to change a pad. No more discomfort with adhesive sticking to the wrong place, or bulkiness chafing my legs when I jog. I can feel NORMAL and CLEAN. I love it. I just wish I had something to do with the few remaining tampons and half package of pads I have.

I think it's neat that my boyfriend has actually had a hand in propagating knowledge of the cup. He and his coworkers try to gross each other out, so he brought up the cup. The next day he ended up taking the brochure in for his coworker's sister, who's had TSS.

Yay DivaCup! No more discomfort, no more mess!