March 24th, 2005

John Simm, Life on Mars

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I got my Diva 2 days ago, and it is truly nifty. However, I also have a love affair with my bottle of Eros Bodyglide, and I know that silicone-based lubes such as Eros will degrade the Diva, so I'm not using them together.

What I was wondering was- how long should I wait after using my (silicone) lube to use the DivaCup? Is there some way I can comfortably remove the silicone lube so I can use Diva sooner?

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my divacup arrived today, but then i look at the packaging and it turns out that they sent me the wrong size. i hate to waste all the resources that it would take to ship it back from tucson to canada and then get the right size sent again, so i was wondering... how bad of an idea would it be for a 5'10" 17 year old to use the size intended for the 30/+ demographic?
i realize that i might have to take it out and try a dry run, but if i can send them the cup packaged, they can resell it... so i'd rather do that. but i probably ought to hear from the experts first ;)

a real waste hater

It worked!

This is just to say thank you to everyone who offered reassurance and advice to me yesterday. I tried your suggestions and was getting quite discouraged and frustrated, when suddenly the last little bit of my hymen broke. I felt it go. After that it was much easier and I have been able to insert and remove my cup without much discomfort. If it were not for this community I think I may have given up!