March 20th, 2005


Before I start - don't jump all over me.

What's going on with archiving? Maybe people are just more interested in cups lately but it seems like the community is being inundated with the same questions over and over again. Despite my enthusiasm for sharing the cup's greatness I'm curiuos to know how many times we can go over how you know a cup is open or the best way to clean them.

And I know, it's different for everyone. Some people like a direct response over a read through the archives but my friend's page is being over-run!

What's the archiving policy and how do we start making them more useful?
Beech leaves

Note from the moderators

Please look through recent posts and our Memories section before asking questions, as many have already been answered many times in a great deal of detail.

Note: this is a provisional notice, I'm in a rush. We're currently doing some redesigning work on the site, so here's a good place to tell us what you think we should do.