March 19th, 2005


How to clean

Hi - I know this has probably been asked a million times before but how can i prevent my nice new shiny diav cup from stains. I know this is weird because only i will see it but i like the colour it is now! Oh - why is it not okay to use antibacterial soaps to clean it?

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Okay, ow. I decided to try to put my DivaCup in for the first time today, even though I haven't gotten my period yet. I know other people have posted this, but I just cannot get it in! I was relaxed as much as possible and it still hurt like hell. I used some Vaseline, but it didn't help.

I tried to fold it the way the instructions said and also the way that someone else posted here (I think), where it's more of a point at the end. I can get it about 1/4 of the way in and then it just hurts too much. At what point should stop holding it folded and just let it do it's thing? Maybe I'm trying to force it to stay folded too long?

Does anyone have more advice on how to get this to work?? Should I just wait for my period to come and maybe it will be easier then? What position are you in when you try to insert it (sit/stand/lay)?


Hi - I know i posted earlier today but i have another question. Alot of people talk about cutting off the entire stem form a diva cup but teh instructions say that there should be at least a 1/4 inch left. The stem is really annoying me and i want to hack it off but i have to check with all of you seasoned dika cup users first.

Another question, when it is in place properly none of the stem is supposed to poke out right? It does this now and i do not know if it is just because the stem is too long or if i am not wearing it right - it feels comfy (apart from that stem of course).

Thanks alot

divacup, mooncup or keeper available at a store in uk?

Hi new member and my first post, I've decided I want to try a menstrual cup because I am getting annoyed with pads and won't go near tampons. I live in the Uk and know the mooncup is available online but I'd prefer to buy either a mooncup, divacup or keeper at a regular store in the Norwich area. Does anyone know of any stores in the UK that carry menstrual cups of any kind? Thanks in advance.

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diva cleaning

I know this is a completely sad question BUT to clean your divacup you boil it, right? By boiling do you mean chuck it in boiled water or sit it in the pan and wait for it to reach boiling point? How long do you leave it in while its boiling? Do you add anything to the water?

ode to the diva....

the good news: 3 of my 6 roomies are now using either the keeper or diva cup! i love the puzzled looks of non-user roomies when i never have pads or tampons around as spares - it kind of catches their interest and that's usually when the questions begin...

anyway, there's bad news as well.. you do need fingers to remove them... not so good when your "usual" hand is entirely numb, cut, blistered and otherwise in pain... ouch.

end rant, thanks for listening!