March 18th, 2005


Divacup Stains

Every month, I've been having more and more problems getting my Divacup back to its pretty shade of clearish-white. I've been scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush and soap, boiling it, cleaning it with alcohol, etc. I finally gave in and wrote to them to see if they had any more ideas.

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First week with the diva cup...

Hi everyone. I just purchased a diva cup. After screwing around with it for a day or two, I decided that I would call customer service. I then discovered that they are open limited hours. So I went to the web and found this community by searching the internet for menstrual cup help.... This has been a godsend! Thank you so much for all the wonderful information out here. It's also been good for a few giggles.

The first time with the diva cup went okay. I wouldn't say great. I had problems getting it to open and was a little disturbed by the sucking noise it made when I did get it to open. I was terrified that I would have a problem getting it out but that only turned out to be tough the first time. It got dropped in the toilet once and I ended up cleaning blood off my white grout once. Despite the problems, by the end I pretty much had it figured out. I think I will try again next month since it sounds like it gets easier with time. I'm not ready to wear white pants with it yet. :) I have kind of a silly question about the cup. When I used to wear tampons I couldn't wear them until all the brown discharge was gone because of dryness. So those last two days I would resort to panty liners. Do you all use your cups until all traces of brown discharge is gone?

Thanks a million!!

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Hi, I'm a long-time alternative menstrual product user, so I thought I'd chime in here. I was using cloth pads for a couple of years until I got tired of the feeling of stewing in my own juices all day. I found out about the Keeper in 1998, immediately ordered it, and used it until January of this year. So that was seven years of use with the same Keeper. I had absoltely zero problems whatsoever until about December. I noticed it started to leak a bit, especially overnight. I also developed a mild case of bacterial vaginosis that I am fairly certain was because of the Keeper. So I ordered a Divacup instead, the larger size (I'm almost thirty, so I figured that could be part of the problem, ah, glorious life changes). I feel like the silicone is a bit cleaner and easier to maintain, and I've had no leaking since starting with the other size. Success! So yeah, the only problem I ever had with the Keeper was after many years of use.

I have pictures of me and one of my friends doing shots of liquor from my (clean) keeper. Really.

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Newbie with a question...

Hi all. I want to start off with saying that this community is fantastic! I never realized that there was an alternative out there until I ran across this community via the nuvaring group.

I'm an avid camper, and am planning to take an extended trip in a little over a week and a half. Naturally, I've been sold on wanting to try a cup, so I don't have to pack all the garbage in and out (or even create it in the first place.) My question is, does anyone remember how long it took for their cup of choice to arrive after ordering? I looked through the archive, and wasn't able to find anything on this, so if it's redundant, I apologize.

Also, is anyone around a camper? Which cup do you use and why? Any recommendations for me?

Again, thanks for just, well, existing, guys. It's wonderful to see women getting together like this to help one another out.

DivaCup sizing


I've been considering getting a DivaCup, but I'm a little unsure about sizing. I noticed with the Keeper and the MoonCup that women who have had a c-section (which I have) are instructed to get the same size cup as women who have never given birth, but with the DivaCup we're told to get the same size as women who have delivered vaginally. Has anyone else had a c-section and what size worked?

Cheers & thanks!

Edit: Thanks for all your comments. I assumed that the different brands of cups were the same size I've e-mailed DivaCup, and I'll let you know what they say, if it's at all helpful.