March 17th, 2005

Technical difficulties...

Period: Scheduled for today/tomorrow.
The day: 5 hour block of classes straight today.
Product: Diva Cup
Status of Happy Place: virgin, both to the ways of men and to the ways of tampons, and has been with me for about 21 years now.
Upside: Can manage to cram it in there.
Problem: Hits obstruction halfway through.
Possible solutions:
A. Obstruction? It's a pirate's treasure! Forget the Diva, you're rich!
B. Give up. Wait till the lad's been neutered and you've gone at it like bunnies.
C. Cram! CRAM!!! No force on earth must deter you from the usage of said cup!
D. Wait till you're on actually spouting.
E. More lube! There must be more lube, Victor! Muahahaha!
F. Run around with half the cup sticking out - hey, at least you can see if you've got the period without removal.
G. Creative option - make up your own!

Thankee for any help. :)

Edit: Thanks a lot for all the helpful comments. It is very astounding to find so many strangers commenting about my nether regions. O.O
Attempts will be made tomorrow morning in/after a nice shower. I will possibly light candles and drink wine, then tell myself what pretty eyes I have. That should relax, yes? Maybe I ought to propose...?

Further news as events warrant. For the world needs to hear!

More edit:
Turns out I needed to insert it using the folding method smokeline (thank you!) posted a few days ago! And some lube on the bottom too, not just the rim. Yay yay yay! Thank you everyone!

Some more questions though - Once it was in there, it hurt. I did some kegels, danced a bit, but it felt pretty unhappy. Does that go away as everything gets used to a cup (keeping in mind I've never used tampons, either), or did I just put it in wrong? It's also possible that it's mad at me with all the prodding and poking I've been doing lately.
(Getting it out felt like I was laying an egg... O.o)

brain overload

ok ok ok, so im reading cunt, and, i, i really just had no idea (i live in texas, mind you) that theyre are actuall alternatives to tampons and pads! im just ahhh! im really excited. and scared. tomorrow i had plans on going out to buy sea sponges, but after further research, im not as sure. well, i still think im going to test them out, but now im really, really intrigured by these socalled menstral cups. ive been reading up on them a little, and they sound pretty sweet. and intimidating. how big are they? im a virgin, so like... is it going to hurt to use them? what should i dooo?! id ask my mom but uh... we dont talk. and all of my friends are even more ignorant on the subject than myself.
i really, really hope these questions havnt been asked... recently at least. sorry, my brains trying to comprehend this whole new world and its sorta hard to search for specifics for very long right now.
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