March 16th, 2005

morning leaks?

upon standing up this morning, I got what felt like an air-bubble come through along with a few drops of blood. when I took the cup out, the seal was just fine and dandy but the holes under the rim were all clogged so I figure that had something to do with it. but has anybody else had experience with this air bubble/leak phenomenon when getting out of bed?
6 months
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diva cup opening - update

I posted a few days ago about my troubles with getting the Diva Cup to open up properly. The last update was that I managed to open it up after doing a lot of things (the whole Keeper Dance, Kegels, waiting a while etc.) so I wasn't sure *what* had worked.

So today I inserted it again, checked it and it was flattened as usual. So I tried just one of the things I'd done the last time. I pushed slightly with my vaginal muscles (I think some would call it "bearing down" - sorry this is not my first language).As if I was trying to expel the thing from my vagina, but I didn't push as hard.
It worked immediately! I felt something move and when I checked, it was perfectly open.

Just wanted to share the tip in case other people have that problem.

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My girlfriend just called me and delivered some shocking news.

As I recently bought her a Diva Cup, she went to the doctor to assure its safety.

Well, according to her doctor, the Diva Cup causes a small amount of pressure on the uterus and blocks blood to the vagina, potentially pushing that blood into one's fallopian tubes and causes sterility or an increased risk for endometriosis.

Can anyone verify or discredit this distressing report?



Okay this is my second cycle with my diva cup.. i'm having serious problems with it being uncomfortable. its always too low and sticks out with any movement of my muscles.. like blowing my nose or coughing... using the toilet and i litterally cannot get it any higher... it is around my cervix and hitting the back wall of my canal. I don't know what to do. I really like the concept but i am very uncomfortable with it and have to mess with it every time i use the toilet or when it gets messed up.. i can always feel it and i doubt i could ride a bike comfortably. please help. oh and i have the smaller one and have cut the stem down to 1/4 inch. please please help.
- Twix
ps. i don't know why... but i have a phobia of gyns.. and women problems.. (maybe it's because my mom had a lot of them? i don't know)... but yea.. so if i seem panicy it's because i have panic attacks about all this crap.. and the problems i have with my diva cup exagerate them.. esp since their tech support was no help and told me i might have a prolapes uterus which sent me into a spinning week of panic... yea... it sucks... i don't know what to do...


So my period started at school today. Luckily it started during last period, because I'm not all too comfortable with trying to insert my Diva Cup at school yet, so I could just wait till I got home to do it. Anyways, put it in, yadda yadda, second time with it and loving it (<3<3<3<3). So later I had a shower and took it out, emptied it, and put it back in, wasn't too sure if it had opened, so I went about the rest of my shower buisness, and then...

I felt it pop open inside me.

It was the wierdest feeling ever, I thought I had exploded something inside of me or some before I realized what it was.

Freakiest thing ever.