March 15th, 2005

Jo Head


Well, it's official: I'm just leaky. After trying everything with my DivaCup (buying the model 2 cup, finally putting it in right, etc.), I've just realized that I'm a leaker and there's nothing I can do to change that. I've been doing kegels every day for at least the past three months, so I know that vaginal strength is not the issue. I honestly don't know what the problem is. I'm sure that part of it is due to my very heavy flow, but other than that, I'm unclear. Granted, now that I've been doing it correctly, the leaking is significantly reduced, but leaks.

I have to say that I'm mildly disappointed in this discovery, but I refuse to go back to paper products. I'm just going to buy some LunaPads as a backup plan and call it a day. The thing that has me curious is HOW the blood seems to be escaping around the edges. I hear it form a seal, and the blood definitely goes into the cup, but somehow, some of it manages to "escape," and I've no idea why.

Anyway, just wanted to share my tale. I'll definitely stick to the cup because I do love it; I just wish it didn't leak at all.

Using Keeper & NuvaRing

Hi everyone...

Was just wondering if anyone has any experience in using a Keeper & NuvaRing? I mean is there a point when you use both? I know this sounds like a cracked out question.

Second question, Does anyone have any experience with the NuvaRing at all? Especially looking for comments concerning having sex while it's inserted.



Later Edit:
THANK YOU so much for all the feedback! I didn't think I was going to get so many responses and of so many different kinds.
Please don't take it the wrong way if I don't respond to your comment directly. I'm trying to keep on task with writing my thesis. And all of sudden previous posts I've done to other communities as well as this one are all rushing in. *grin*
I can't wait to share at the end of this month when I use my NuvaRing for the first time!
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menstrual graphing

has anyone ever graphed their flow? like in oz. per day? since I've got a divacup it would be easier than the other cups. all of my roommates are completely fascinated with the idea of my graph. I'm expecting it to be bell shaped and skewed to the left.
Stacey - Brokeback LJ

Me & My Diva!


I bitched in here last week about trying out the Diva and it bit me and I threw it in the sink with cussing and disgust.

I was afraid. Very afraid.

So, my period comes along, tra-la-la, a few days last night...before I run (I know...ultimate test)...I was like "let's just try this out."

So, using a little lube and a lotta love, in we went. No pain, no long vagina dancing needed. Just there we are. Easy as pie.

So I was afraid it would get stuck in there and I'd never see it again (I'm weird), so I left it in overnight, and emptied this morning. I was AMAZED. First time. FIRST FIRST TIME. NO LEAKS AT ALL.

However...Getting it out was...interesting. I REALLY had to pull. It didn't hurt at all vagina-wise, but I REALLY REALLY had to pull, and it hurt my fingers. Is this normal? Also, I didn't trim my stem at this odd? Everyone says "ah, it jabbed me" so of course I'm paranoid about it, but I don't think I'm gonna have to trim at all....

So, any tips for removal? I'll be checkin' things out around 9 first time having it in for 12 hours...we'll see how that goes.

(no subject)

Today is the first time I can try my Keeper for real. So far I am very happy with it. No leaks at all (yay practice). I just wish I wasn't crampy.... ergh.
I was excited to be able to try it for real but now.... I'd rather not have crampiness... so I'll trade back, now! Hehe.

So I basically just wanted to say that I was really glad this hasn't leaked. I didn't really think it would, but just in case I've been wearing a pad for safety. I may do that tonight, too. Just to make sure. And then... NEVER AGAIN! Muahaha! ^^

Thanks to everyone for their help on this community. It's really done wonders!
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Stacey - Brokeback LJ

Diva Removal

As promised, I am posting about my first 12 hour run with La Diva.

Ok so. Insertion is a frickin' piece o' cake. Not my problem.

I was also wondering...first recomments 12 hours...but does anyone leave it in longer? I realized I had had mine in for probably almost 14...the cup was only about 1/3 full, so no biggie, although...

second question: (warning, may be TMI)

Ok, so I use lube to get 'er up in there (anyone else have to do this? Will this always be needed? It's kind of a pain to carry around a bottle of lube with me in my little Diva Pouch), so this might be that, but I noticed both yesterday (but I had just started so chalked it up with that) and today that the kind of...mucus like...? Gross? Or is that like...the lube that slid into the cup?

If this is dumb, just let it slide.

Ok, and lastly, my removal story.

Ok, so, I'm sittin there, doin my thang...and I begin the Bearing Down process. I really had to work hard to get it down. It was exhausting (I'm dramatic, by the way). So I get it down there, pull and pull and tug blahblahblah, finally break the seal and out it comes. Fine. Dump it out. Fine. Throw it into the sink, where the hot water is running waiting for it.

Are you ready?





My kitty rug is now in the washer. :(

The End.

My Diva and I are going to bed now.