March 14th, 2005

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Hi, new member and a happy Mooncup user here!
My boyfriend and I were discussing menstrual cups yesterday and are both curious why they aren't more widespread. According to my mom, they existed in the 70s...was that the "first wave" of cups and what is the history of mestrual cups anyway? I know the fact that cups are reusable grosses people out, but what are the other reasons for the low profile? I'd love it if someday, cups were a viable option taken into consideration when girls begin menstruating. Of course when you're not fully developed using a cup could be impossible, but it would be great if it was mentioned as an option. Thanks! :)

EDIT: thanks for your replies! I just wanted to add that I wasn't saying young girls couldn't ever use the cup. It's just that from my tampon experiments in my teens and my friends' experiences, I think that it wouldn't be the most comfortable solution to start with. But hey, it might just take some practice, and of course it depends on the individual's anatomy. :)
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New Divacup user

Hi everyone, new Diva cup user here. I looked at the memories but couldn't find the answer to my question... but I apologize in advance if it's there and I just didn't look hard enough.

I just got my Diva cup in the mail... woohooo! So of course I had to try it even though I'm not on my period right now. The insertion was easy enough but I am not sure if I managed to open the cup properly once inside... I did manage to rotate it a bit but these things get slippy!! And even after I rotated it it still felt sort of flattened. Not folded, but not round either. The instructions say the cup should open but I am not sure if they just mean "not folded anymore" or "back to its original shape". One more thing I can tell is that it felt comfortable this way, but I am not sure if it was sealed.

So my question is : once properly inserted, should the Divacup be all round like it was outside, or is it normal for it to be somewhat flattened (perhaps according to the shape of the vagina)? Is there a way to know if I created a proper seal, except, well, try it on my period and see if it leaks?

Thaks in advance to anyone who may answer this.