March 12th, 2005

perseverance pays off!

I got my divacup yesterday and decided to take it for a dry run since my cycle starts monday. It was terrible, it ripped my insides and made me bleed (even though I am nowhere close to virginal status) and kept popping open before I could even get a quarter of it in. Taking it out was even worse since I didn't know how to properly break the seal and took it out whole and not even slightly folded.

then I found this community and spent almost an hour in the archives! a few hours later I took it for another test run and had a significantly better time with it.

tonight I have done another two test runs with absolutely NO problems and I believe after another one or two runs tomorrow I will be totally confident. of course I will have to figure out some problems that may occur only while bleeding (gosh I hope I get no leaks) but by monday I will have figured out what position to get it in so I have no stem-pokage and I'll be used to inserting/removing.

from what I've seen the general consensus is that dry runs are not so hot, but I think I've had incredible success with mine. It just took mulitple runs and a lot of courage to face the possibility of pain again.

also there was something else I wanted to address.

has anybody tried the "seven" fold method? where instead of folding in half you fold the rim like a seven? I read about it on this website: the keeper and divacup use instructions theres no pictures but I could figure out how to fold it myself.

I might try it myself but was wondering if anybody else had tried and had more/less success with insertion and popping before I did try it.