March 11th, 2005

Jo Head


Hi! Semi-lurker, here.

I've had my DivaCup for two cycles now and each time I have had major leakage. I was following all the directions and ended up with leakage, so I thought maybe I needed to get the larger size (even though I'm 2 years shy of 30 and have never had childbirth of any kind). When that didn't work, I started to feel bad and think that the DivaCup wasn't for me, but I love it so much and wanted to give it one more try. So I played around with it for the last few days (right before my cycle starts) and found out where my error was: I was following the directions too closely.

The directions tell you to fold the cup in half with the folded part facing you, and to insert it that way. Time after time I'd do that, and then realize that the cup hadn't opened fully. I didn't realize this upon insertion, of course, because I had no idea what the fully-opened cup should feel like. That is until two days ago. At first it was a fluke, but a little while ago, I realized what I did differently; I had to fold the cup and insert the folded part facing left! And it opened fully! That freaked me out, but I was very happy to make this discovery, because it means I can keep using the cup with no leakage! Yay!

Has anyone else had to stray from the directions a bit in order to get the cup to open fully?

Ouchy no more...maybe

Well today I really started getting my period in earnest, and really shoved my stemless Diva Cup up there. Walked around for awhile with no discomfort, now the real test will see if it leaks. Check back in a couple of hours !

As I was putting it in, it popped open and was practically *suctioned* up me--anyone have this interesting experience?? I moved it around, tried to make sure I had a good seal so I guess I'll find out if things stay clean for the rest of the day. I'm going camping tonight, so it will be a real baptism of fire for me, so to speak...I'm usually pretty heavy the first day or so (i.e. soaking through tampons) so I'm dying to find out if this will be the answer to my run-to-the-bathroom-constantly annoying situations! If it is, I will become a Diva Cup Evangelist ;-)


Brand-new user of Instead, here - just started today - and I just thought I'd pop in to say hi. :) I've been thinking about using a cup for a while, so I thought that Instead would be a good way to experiment with the whole idea. I've been reading for a couple of weeks now, and I have you guys seem a really friendly bunch.

I do have one question about my Instead, and I would have checked the memories but they're down right now. :P Although I can't feel it inside me, I did notice after I put it in that I got kind of crampy. Is this usual, and will it go away? It's not bad enough to make me stop wearing it, but it is a noticeable difference. Any shared experiences would be appreciated. :)

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Dry Run

My Divacup just came in the mail yesterday (Woot!) and so far, I've tried putting it in twice for practice. Burns. Like. Hell. I'm fairly sure the problem is that the opening to my vagina(around where the hymen is...but it's not the hymen). It WILL NOT stretch, no matter how slowly I try to widen it with my finger beforehand and relax as I put in the cup. (The problem isn't lube, either...there's plenty of that). Once it's in, the pain goes away, and the same with taking it out. I'm willing to deal with a couple seconds of pain if I have to. But if anyone has any suggestions, I will greatly appreciate them.

Also, I'm not sure if it's opening enough once it's in. I felt around with my finger; the top was in an oval shape and the front side was dented a little. There seemed to be some suction, but I'm still not sure if it's open enough. I could barely fit my finger in to feel it (though I think that had something to do with the aforementioned small vagina opening), and rotating was defintely out of the question. I couldn't get two in to grab onto the base and rotate without lots of pain, and once I got a hold of it, it refused to twist (I think that may have been because it was pressed into an oval shape with the dent). Could it be that I'm just tight enough that the cup doesn't provide enough resistance to the walls to open fully, but it's still fine? Or should it be more open? I suppose I'll probably have to wait for my period to know for sure, but I'm going to be on vacation. I want to start using my cup a little, but it won't happen if there's problems. I'm definitely going to have to bring tampons as an extra.

Thanks in advance!

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How do you know when you have inserted the Instead cups correctly?

I have tried before with no luck, I am trying to use one tonight just in case I get my period while I am out, it is in there with no signs of popping back out yet, and I can't feel it, however I am sure it is still verticle, although there is no where else for it to go!

this is not going well...

so im interested in purchasing a diva cup. but before i go and spead $30+ on one, i decided to try instead cups instead. and man oh man, im not having any luck. getting them in is no problem. there's no leakage. it's removing them that's really bad. ive only done it twice so far, but each time, it's difficult to get out, but before i even get the cup out, the blood spills everywhere. all over my hands, and in the toilet if im lucky. are there any tips or a special way to remove it?