March 10th, 2005

It's ouchy

Just started using my Diva Cup and it's perfectly wonderful and fine as long as I'm sitting. About 5 minutes after I start walking around, I can feel it begin to uncomfortably poke me. When I sit, though, it's fine. I've cut off the stem, but that only helps a little--should I try shoving the thing up higher? It seems like it drifts down to the ouchy spot...or is this just something that takes more practice? BTW, I've had 2 children vaginally so don't know if this makes it harder or easier to use (muscles maybe not tight enough to keep it in a comfortable spot?). I'm not squeamish about shoving and poking so any suggestions gratefully accepted!!
pick a muffin

no more leaks!

i think i may have figured the divacup issue out!

i'm wearing it higher in my vagina, which works. the only problem is: when my IUD expelled, it happened after my keeper got stuck REALLY high up in my vag. and i can't reach too far up there, so i had a rough time breaking the seal, and basically kind of pulled on it to bring it down. but i felt a LOT of suction as it came down, and once i got it out, my IUD strings started to dangle out of my vag and started the expulsion process.

however, it seems easier to break the seal on the divacup, because it's softer. so hopefully it won't be an issue. anyway, i'll give it 3 more cycles and see how things go. i'm sure by then i'll be totally adjusted.

thanks for your advice everyone. it wound up being really helpful. any advice on safe, non-suction ways to bring down a cup that's too high up?

$100 A Year To Bleed.

I am getting ready to put the first issue of my zine, The Witch Trial, out - hopefully before summertime. I am writing a piece about how the commercial pad/tampon companies make money off of us every year and about our other options. If anyone wants to add something, like maybe a piece about they've used DIY pads, the keeper/divacup, or sponges etc. , I would be happy to add it to the zine and send you a copy.

You can email me at [ gynocide@ ] - remove the spambot spaces.