March 9th, 2005

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Well girls, a couple of things.

Firstly, I would like to reaffirm my love for my Mooncup. This is my second cycle with it. I wore it through the first day of my period, which I didn't do last time because I was a bit concerned about the heavy flow, and it was so good that I actually thought I'd misjudged and that I wasn't on my period at all. That night, I didn't want to wear the cup to sleep because it got very full in 5 hours and I wasn't sure about leaving it in for 10, so I wore a sanitary towel instead. BIG MISTAKE. I couldn't believe how much messier, ickier and more uncomfortable I felt. Put the Mooncup back in the next day, and all was clean and tidy again.

Secondly, the article that I wrote for my student newspaper, which I posted here a while back, has been received really well. The editor of the paper emailed me last week to say he thought it was an excellent piece of writing, and that other people must agree as it was officially the most popular story of the academic year - it's had about 800 hits on the website in the last fortnight - most stories get about 40 hits! This is great news as it means that lots more people now know about menstrual cups - although I must say, I was surprised it got so many hits, as I can't imagine many blokes wanting to read it! (Although, in all fairness, my boyfriend quite patiently listens to me enthuse about my Mooncup, and even claims to be interested, bless him.) I've been told to be careful in case it gets nabbed by the national media without me getting any credit for it... But I'm wondering whether I should just offer it to a national paper (edited so that the references are no longer studenty) and spread the menstrual cup love...

Thirdly, my friend is really interested but claims to feel she'd be unable to cope with blood in a cup that she has to look at and wash out rather than just chuck in the bin instantly, and she's asked to see mine full, bless her! I'm so proud of my friends at the moment - another, when I first told her about menstrual cups, vehemently protested that she'd never cope with one - but last night when I was at her house, she showed me her brand new Mooncup that she'd just received in the post :)


So has anyone figured out a way to remove these internal cups without getting blood all over your hand?

I tried Instead for the first time today, and once I got it in right it didn't leak at all. (wonderful!) But when I pulled it out, I got blood all over my fingers (ick!). I ended up just wiping it off with TP, but is there a better way?

My Mooncup arrived in the mail today(!) and I plan on playing with that tomorrow...