March 8th, 2005

pick a muffin

leaky leaky DC

gah! what am i doing wrong with the DC? i ran it under freezing cold water to stiffen it. i let it pop not all the way in. i tugged and did the push-and-pull fiddley magoo, and i checked it. and it's popped out all the way, and in the right position - assuming that it takes the same position as the keeper, which i used for a year and a half without trouble or leak issues.

anyway, i had to switch over to insteads today because i kept having to get up in class to fiddle with it, and each time it took me a few minutes, and it was driving me nuts.

tomorrow i'm home for most of the day, so i'm going to try it again then and see if i can't fix it. if it doesn't work out, i can still return it for a refund. or, since the keeper is only $5 more, i can exchange it (+ $5) for a keeper, which i'm very comfortable using.

i just don't get why i can't seem to figure this out. dur. i feel pretty dumb.