March 4th, 2005

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No going back

I'm at the end of my first period with Mooncup, and, mainly thanks to helpful comments and advice from this community, it's been excellent. No leaking, no mess, no spillage (I took the advice to remove it in the shower, that was good advice!), no discomfort. I'm converted for good, and I've already passed on my pamphlet to a friend. I'm now trying to convince my mum, but this could be harder :P

I do have a question though. From the comments on my last post it seems like there are quite a few positions cups can be worn in, and that they work for different women. I'm pretty happy that I've got the positioning right now - cervix inside Mooncup, can't feel Mooncup as a general rule - however if I relax my vaginal muscles then I can feel the stem and sometimes the very end of the base. Does anyone else find that this is true for them? Or that it happened during the settling in period and not afterwards? This is not discomforting, more of an awareness, and I'm curious as to others' experiences :)

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well this is my last cycle with insteads, i just placed my order for a diva cup!

and i just ordered this washing machine from this website. its not directly related to menstration, but i figured some people here would be interested in it!
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Cervix Placement

Where in the vagina is the cervix usually found? I was always led to belive that it's fairly close to the center. But mine is way off to the left, and the opening sort of points to the wall of my vagina. Since I've read about making sure the cervix isn't to the side of menstrual cups, I assume that means many cervixes are to the side like mine. But I wanted to make sure that it was normal. And so long as it's above/in the cup, it wouldn't cause a problem with leaking, right? (I'm getting a Divacup very soon).

Thanks in advance!