March 2nd, 2005

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I apologize for this post--I'm sure you guys get the same question all the time--but I have to ask.

I'm a first time Diva user. I'd never had sex or used tampons before and I'm very very tight. After I finally got it in this morning (a long and painful process), I didn't hear or feel it pop open. Is that normal? And also, I can feel the cup inside of me. When I sit, I can feel it pushing up against me. When I move I can feel it sliding slightly up and down. I'm also getting pretty bad cramps where the cup is. Am I doing something wrong?
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About two months ago I bought my mooncup & used it for the first time last week. So impressed was I with the cup that I told my little sister (she's 16) all about it & after she expressed so much interest & enthusiasm towards it I decided I'd buy her one too.

This evening I got a rather excited phonecall from her, telling me that she'd been having a discussion in class about waste disposal & landfill sites which then moved on to talk of mooncups & alternative menstrual products. Her (male) teacher seemed really interested & asked if she had a leaflet with more information. He's now spoken to the school nurse (who'd never heard of menstrual cups before either), emailed to ask if they have any representatives (possibly to come into school & talk about cups) & is working to get information out to all the Year 11 girls (15-16 year olds) in the school about tampon alternatives.

I'm simply amazed at this teacher's interest & motivation in the subject & I think I shall spend my weekend putting together a pack full of information about different cups & other products so he's well informed.

Most of all though I'm really proud of my sister. I'm so pleased that she's so open and comfortable about these things, that she wasn't disgusted when I told her about my mooncup & experiences, & that she's confident enough to get this kind of information out to other girls in her school & show them that it's not something yucky or to be embarrassed about but brilliant for their vaginas & the environment.
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The Marvelous Diva

Finally! Thanks to the support of all you lovely women (and to the lovely woman at who offered me the right size, great price, and fabulous service.), I am now a Diva Cup devotee.

I was ever so slightly intimidated at first, but was ELATED at how wonderful this little gadget is. Oh, sure, it's only been 3 days. I'm still working out the kinks (the suction is definitely a little scary when I made my first removal attempt), but this is marvelous. I can't help be get excited everytime I pee and NOT have to fiddle with a dry scratchy tampon or ANYThing for that matter! Whoo hoo! With a little practice, I feel that this will become second nature (although I understand how a little lube might help out from time to time). I have my Lunapads, too, in case of leakage, but this has so far only happened once, and it was very slight.

I do have one question. Has anyone ever had a problem with air bubbles escaping? This may sound completely weird, but this has happened twice today, and I thought I might just be leaking because of a shift in position or overflow. But no. No leaks. Just a tickling of air, as near as I can tell. I'm also getting to the lighter days of my period, and I wonder if this may be part of it. It's not what I would call a "problem", but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this?