March 1st, 2005


letter to diva cup

i decided to send a letter to diva cup about the usage of their product. after looking around on the net & finding this community, i realize i'm not the only one who's having a hard time. it's frustrating to me because i'm sure that eventually i will love this product just as everyone else, but it's getting there that REALLY sucks!

ETA: because a majority of this community's members did not agree w/ what i wrote about in the letter, i decided to delete it to be respectful of the majority's opinion and of what this community is about. thank you.

ETA #2: through helpful advice of several different community members, i believe i have worked out all of the problems:

--cut the stem off entirely
--do the 'dance' followed by a kegal chaser...your bod puts it where it wants it
--after inserting, slide in finger or thumb & push side of cup in to release excess air

thank you for support. hopefully, by the third cycle i will adjust completely.

the Keeper is a keeper.

For some reason I didn't use my Keeper with my period last month. Maybe I was feeling lazy or just not into it for whatever reason. A few days ago I got my period and decided to use it. WOW! I'm back in love with it again. I've had enough time now to really know how to insert it, where it should sit, and how often to dump it. I actually got a good night sleep last night, not worrying about blood seeping through my pad.

Tonight I think I'll use it to paint with. This product is so great once you get the hang of it. One problem I have with it (not to be gross or anything but..) if you have to shit, for me, it tends to mess with the position of the Keeper and I get spills and it just kind of sucks. It is an awesome product, but it really does take some getting use to. And maybe even a break from it from time to time.

I just thought I'd share that.

: )

vaginal prolapse

i just wanted to thank macabre_grrl a whole bunch. after my first post, she commented that it sounded as though i have vaginal prolapse. i looked into today & found out i do. i actually have cystocele. i knew something was wrong, but i wouldn't have done anything about it for a longgg time. so thank you very much. i'm making a doctor's appointment tomorrow & praying that it's not serious enough to where i'll have to have surgery.

btw, i'm guessing that this is why the diva cup wasn't working for me correctly. i had it working once, but i think the suctioning has caused me more problems. now i'm kinda scared of it & put it away for the time being. hopefully, my doctor will be able to help me further. thank you again for all your helpful advice.