February 28th, 2005

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First time user

This is my first day using Mooncup and things seem to be going relatively OK thus far. I read a lot of the entries from this community before buying the cup, so thanks to all of you, it's made this morning a far less daunting experience! I've still got a bit of first-time-user angst though :S

After a few tries I managed to get it into place, but I'm not confident that it's in exactly the right position. It did pinch at first, but I trimmed off a bit more of the stem and it doesn't do that any more. There's no discomfort, but I can still feel it a little, for example when I'm sitting in certain positions and when I'm walking about. I think my muscles must do some kind of little dance or something, because I'd never noticed how much they contract and expand before when I'm just moving around the house. Does being aware of it like this mean that the Mooncup isn't in far enough/not positioned correctly?

I'm dertermined to get the hang of this, although I don't expect it to be easy, especially seeing as this is still my first day! Any help would be much appreciated :)
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embarrased & scared. . .

so, my Keeper came about three weeks ago, when i had my last period -- i was excited to use it, so i read the paper it came with, took it out of its baggie, folded it in my hands like it said to ... and started to try to put it in ...

but i suddenly got scared. i'm really embarrased to say that, but now i'm scared of it. i don't know what to do. i've never used something like this before.

maybe i'm just being silly and over reacting.

i'm due for my period in about a week or so, and i wanna do a test run ... hopefully i can get over this fear. =/
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mother of 3 + 1st time diva cup user...

my period slowly chimed in today, so i whipped out my awaiting diva cup first thing. i've been trying to use the darn thing all day & have had the absolute worst luck! i'm going insane.

i have no problems inserting, getting it to pop open, or even removing it. the problem lies w/ where in the world is it supposed to sit?! my first method catches the flow, but leaves the already trimmed stem sticking out & rubbing me. my second method misses the flow entirely & i feel uncomfortable inside...i can feel the suction or something almost constantly. where should it be? how do you know if it's too low or too high? i know if it's too low, it's not gonna leak, but it hurts. if it's too high, do you find it does leak? and do you have the weirdness feeling?

i have had three children & w/ the last one, things down yonder have totally changed. for example, when i bear down on the toilet, my vaginal wall kinda bulges out. my g-spot has also magically came to life (i guess that's a different story, though). and speaking of that, i can't tolerate having intercourse laying on my belly & my hub on top. it hurts bad! i have to place my hand under me & push to help relieve the pain (i can even feel his manhood!) i used to use instead cups & i notice that this time around the cups are sitting really low. the cup part actually sticks out a bit when i'm on the toilet. after reading on here, i'm going to try inserting one of those suckers again. i realize it should be wayyyyyyyy up there. the weird thing is, i'm sure i was getting it in as far as it would go? i don't know if any of this info is helpful, but i thought i'd throw it in.

so, is my womanly goodness not going to support our new diva cup friend? or am i doing something wrong? i'm going to try the two handed method here in a bit...assuming things are still not going good down there. could anyone else give me details on how you insert & where yours sits? that'd be awesome!