February 26th, 2005


just one of those months

My Keeper could not be more perfect (well, being able to have sex with it would be nice), no leaks, no discomfort, zero cramps. I've used it with near perfect success for years. But this month has been pesky.

It leaked a little every day. Nothing dramatic, but a bit more than I'm used to, and no amount of adjusting would fix it. Half the time it felt perfectly open and sealed. And that other half involved lots of extra shoving and starting over. I tried inserting it during a shower, which I don't normally do, and it was almost impossible to find a position that would allow easy installation. And the oddest part is that it hurts a little! Never before! It's this faint piercing feeing in the lowest part of my abdomen when I move certain ways or laugh too hard. It's a particularly icky, squeamish pain. It's minor, but it's there.

I'm not really asking for advice, since I know most all of the tricks in the book. More like I want to know if you've had an off month too. Probably you have, but I'm curious anyway. This month was also strange because my period started on a Monday, yet it usually starts on Wednesday or Thursday and finishes by Sunday. This is controlled by my birth control pills, which cause me no side effects. It was just unusually heavy for me. No cramps though. *shrug*

On a somewhat related topic, how much does birth control shorten periods? And how much does a cup shorten periods, as many people report? I started using birth control and the Keeper within a couple months of each other, so I don't know what did what. All I know is that I went from nine heavy days with some moderate cramping to four or five medium days with no cramping. Very drastic.

Can I hurt myself inserting mooncup when I'm not on?

I've used the mooncup a couple of times last cycle - and just tried to insdert it again while I don't have my period - I wanted to get the technique right before my next period.

It all went okay

but now I have something like the worlds worst cramps, period like, but not period pains - they came on about two minutes after I took the mooncup out.

Any ideas why this could be?