February 24th, 2005

pirate Allison

moon cup...?

So I am thinking of buying and trying the moon cup and was wondering if anyone could answer my questions.

I live in a dorm, traditional in the sense that I have a roommate, all the girls on the floor share a very common bathroom (as do the guys), and, well, it's a very un-private place.

Does anyone else use a menstrual cup in a dorm? I would like to know how comfortable it would be to use one in these pseudo-public bathrooms. I am on the ring and got brave enough to remove it while another girl was in another stall, but stopped cause of those squishy noises. I tried again the next month and didn't have this problem (or maybe there was already enough noise in the bathroom cause a shower was running, I really don't remember). My concern is that I don't want to draw attention to myself while in a stall, inserting or removing. Of course, I have gotten over the sounds a pad makes when messing with that. And I am assuming that it will just take a little practice and getting used to. If anyone had any advise or comments, it'd be much appreciated!

(This community has been really helpful with my research on the entire issue! Thanks!!)