February 21st, 2005


Diva cup and Tea Tree oil...

I recently bought a bottle of tea tree oil and I know some people use it as a general disinfectant and I know that Keeper users use it to clean... Could I use a diluted solution for cleaning my Diva Cup?? I'm not sure if the oil will affect the silicone..
P.S. I did look in the archives but couldn't find anything specific for the Diva Cup or Moon Cup.
On the ferry

Houston, we have a problem.

So, last month when I emptied my Diva Cup for the first or second time of the cycle, I noticed that instead of that nice, fresh, almost-odorlessness I've gotten so happily used to, there was quite a distinct bad smell coming from the contents of my cup. I used a pad for that day (bleh) and put in a garlic clove that night (to ward off any bacterial nasties) while I re-sterilized the cup by boiling it. By the time I put the cup back in both of us were smelling just like normal. So I tried the cup again, with the same result. So again I switched to pads and used those for the rest of the cycle. Since then everything's been hunky-dory: no weird smell, no funky discharge, no itching or soreness.

Until now, day two of this period. The smell is back. It smells rotten, like a little like rotten eggs, but maybe more like creek sediment or something (no, I haven't been splashing around in any creeks lately). What can I do? I'm sterilizing my cup once again, and I'll probably do the garlic thing again. Should I suspect some sort of infection I should get checked out (normally I'd be all over that, but since I'm totally fine anytime I don't use the cup, it really does seem to be a cup issue), or is this indeed something with the cup?

Really painful to remove!

I'm a first-time user on my second day and I'm finding the DivaCup (the smaller size) really painful to remove. It seems to get caught at the entrance to the vagina - I had to yank it out last night when it jammed and nearly yelped in pain. Am I doing something wrong (I tried pinching it but it's hard to get a grip as there's not much space...)? Or am I too tight to be using this kind of product? I don't feel anything when it's in. But I can't manage to twist it round as I just can't fit my fingers in.
Inserting it is ok, a small twinge at most but nothing as bad as getting it out.
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first day thanks

Hello all. I just wanted to say thanks for all of the useful comments and advice offered via this group. Today was my first day with a menstrual cup of any kind (diva) and even though it took me a couple of tries both in and out, I wasn't surprised or nervous because of all the things you guys have posted. It's so much easier when you know that someone else has gone through the exact same thing as you, especially when you know what they did to make it work. I probably never would have even tried one if not for all of your advice.

So... thanks!

BTW, everything is going great and I hope that I never have to use tampons again! No leakage, no horrible tampon-induced cramps, no whining about how I hate my period...

Viva la diva! lol
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microwave boiling

Does anybody here boil their cup in a microwave? How exactly do you do it? Any tips/hints/cautions?

My stovetop is broken and will be for quite a while, as I don't have the money to buy the part to fix it :(
So it looks like I'm going to have to boil my friend in the microwave and I just want to make sure I don't harm her.