February 20th, 2005

ONLY my FOURTH month with a divacup?!

So, it seems like I've had a divacup forever! It's like a new best friend that you feel like you've known all your life. I went through the archives to find my first day using it and I realized that it's only my 4th month. WOW.

Insteads update...it's been in for over an hour without a single leak. I wasn't sure if I had put it in right, but it seems to be holding well. When I put it in, it felt like it was too easy. I've read that so many people have a really hard time and I wonder if all of my experience with my divacup made it easier even though it goes in nothing like a divacup. I also used to use a nuvaring and the insertion felt surprisingly similar to putting in the nuvaring which explains why an instead and a nuvaring wouldn't go very well together.

At this point, I highly recommend trying some insteads and keeping a few in your purse or desk at work for emergencies. I'm still in love with my divacup...but I can't keep it at home and my desk at work at the same time! I could get another one for that, but the insteads where only $6.99 and you know...I can have sex with one in :-)