February 18th, 2005

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Sterilising fluid

We get a number of questions about sterilising fluid, so I thought it was worth doing a post for the Memories section.

Some people like to use sterilising fluid for cleaning silicone cups (Divacup or Mooncup). You splash a bit into some water and soak the cup for a while. I usually do a soak for a good few hours at the end of my cycle, and a mini-soak while I'm in the bath every day. My experience of sterilising fluid is that it does the best cleaning job, getting rid of stains and smells and miraculously getting inside the holes and the lettering, and that it is also the most convenient method of cleaning, as opposed to, say, scrubbing with a toothbrush or boiling in a pan. A number of women who suffer from thrush have found that it is preferable, too, particularly when compared to soap-based products.

Sterilising fluid is very dilute bleach. (Does anyone here use actual bleach, and if so, could you give details?) It is used for sterilising baby bottles and equipment, so it's safe to use on a menstrual cup. It is commonly found in supermarkets or chemists with the baby stuff.

Bleach products cannot be used on the Keeper as they degrade the rubber.

The brand I use is called Milton. It is readily available in the UK, and I think in Australia (confirmation anyone?). It seems to be a right nuisance to find in the US.

OK, guys, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Could people now comment with anything they think would be useful, especially sources for US buyers, please? I'll add the most important bits to the main post as they crop up.

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Hi everyone. I don't have a menstrual cup, I am just researching them. I have a question, [and please excuse my ignorance]. How do you pee when you're wearing a menstrual cup? Does the cup catch the pee too? Obviously, I'm not a tampon wearer either, I wear pads. I've always wondered what happens when you need to urinate and you are wearing something in there. Thanks.
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how do you hold onto it again??

so my period started today, and at first i reacted normally: "shit." (this is also due to the fact that i'm leaving tomorrow with my family for quebec.) then i remembered: i have a divacup! and THEN i remembered that i haven't quite worked out how to insert it yet. ho hum. so i gave it another shot, and i was SO CLOSE. it doesn't hurt putting it in, i've worked out the slant of my vagina, etc. but i cannot hold onto it! even if i don't use lube (instead, i tried soaking it in hot water for a few seconds, then drying it off and inserting it warm), it slips out of my grip and then pops open and causes much frustration. how in the name of hoohay do you hold onto it??