February 17th, 2005


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Well, I finally got my DivaCup in the mail yesterday :) I immediatly put it in because I had just started my period the day before, and was running low on pads that work. My first 2-3 days are pretty heavy (I think I may be one of those people who brings the average amount of fluid up as I discovered).

I didn't have too much problem putting it in. There was some squelchy noises (heh) and a couple of failed attempts due to the cup coming unfolded before I got it in. When I did get it in, I tried to give it a twist like it says to do, but I couldn't really get a good grip on the base to twist. I still haven't mastered that yet. I wasn't sure if it had popped open properly but it seemed okay. I left it in for about 4 or so hours, then went to pee. I put on a pantyliner just to make sure. There were a couple of drops of blood on the pantyliner so I thought, 'no big deal, I probably just didn't get it in there exactly right'. Well, then I peed and noticed some blood hanging down. So I took it out and it was full past the 1/2 oz mark. *shrug* Put it back in without too many problems. I just need practice.

Then, I emptied it again just before I went to bed at about 10:30 and went to sleep. About 4 I woke up and peed. Again, there were a couple of spots on the pantyliner. I left the cup as it was and went back to bed. However, it felt like it shifted while I was peeing, and I figured that it would go back to normal on its own. I may have been wrong. When I woke up at about 7:30 this morning, it had leaked again, only a lot more than two spots. I could feel it leaking as I made my way to the bathroom.

Now, I guess I have a couple of questions.
1. How can you be sure that the mouth opens all the way? I've tried putting a finger up there, but I can only get it to go about half way up the cup. All feels fine as far as I can tell.

2. Is there a trick to twisting it like the instructions say to do to make sure that it's open fully?

3. Any advise on the minor and major leaking? I know I'm definetly not a size 2.

Oh, and one more thing, I wore it during my horseback riding lesson and it was fine :) I'm impressed considering the new horse I'm riding. I'm so unbelieveably glad that I got it before this lesson, or else I would have had some problems with a pad today.

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So this is my first time using the Diva Cup and LiveJournal and I wanted to tell everyone here how invaluable this site has been in terms of info for menstrual cups. I thank you! Now after fiddling around for a day trying to figure out how to post something myself, I've finally got it and have some questions. I know that the cup is supposed to ride low...lower than tampons...but it sits so low that I find it scratches me when I walk, and this is after cutting off the stem to 1/4". Sitting or standing, I don't notice it, but walking, running, yoga...all quite uncomfortable. Is this something that will go away as I get used to wearing it, or am I doing something wrong? I can try to push it up further, but I find that it just meanders down again throughout the day anyways, and even pushing it up I can only get the base about 1cm from the opening to my vagina before I get a dull ache when I keep pushing, I think probably from it pushing against the top around my cervix. Has anyone cut the stem off entirely? I think it may help, but I don't want to void the warantee (although if its going to fix my problem, I will). My other problem is that I feel like its leaking all the time. Everything feels kind of damp and every time I've neurotically checked it, there has been no problem with leaking. Does anyone else get this feeling? I wonder if its just because I'm so used to drying tampons, maybe more natural lubrication because of the pressure there? I have no idea, but I don't usually feel extra lube-y. I love the idea of the Diva Cup and am really excited for it to work for me, so any help would be muchly appreciated!