February 16th, 2005

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Question about size 1 or size 2 Diva cup

Any advice ladies? I am ready to purchase my first Diva Cup. I am, however, somewhat stymied by which size to choose. I am 31 years old and have not yet had children. So according to the indications, I should get size 2, which is also for women who have had vaginal childbirth. I realize that physiologically speaking, at my age, things are a little more relaxed down there. And yet, I feel that I'm still pretty firm and strong in that whole area. I go through spells where I do a lot of Keigels and so forth. I'm also relatively small in stature. So, my first instinct to go with size 1. I've also found a website that has size 2 Diva Cups on considerable sale, but they don't offer size 1. Any suggestions?

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Here's the article, girlies. I was rushed by the editor who changed her mind about wanting it in a fortnight's time, and decided she wanted it in today instead. Thank you very much to those of you who sent me links - very helpful :)

I have just realised, upon re-reading, that I haven't included anything about the endo rumours about menstrual cups - is it worth including this?

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I am bleeding like a maniac right now...soaking a tampon in less than an hour. I want to order a menstrual cup but am waiting till march to see my midwife/doctor...I can't stand leaking tampons right now and would like to get some soft cups until I can order a mestrual cup. On the package it says not to use with an IUD or a tilted uterus and I have both. Has any one used these insteads with and IUD. Also for the future what kind of mestrual cup would you recommend for use with an IUD and tilted uterus? thanks.
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The Smell

So I was removing my diva cup to empty it tonight. It's the 4th day of my period, and I thought I was doing a good job of keeping it clean. I was rinsing it out, and I held it up to the light to see if I had missed anything/to check if it was severely discolored. I had brought it closer to my face when I was hit by The Smell.

I am sure some of you ladies know The Smell. Well, I scrubbed it with some antibacterial soap. It happens to be scented (I am not prone to yeast or other itchies) and I always rinse thoroughly, but not even this stuff could overcome The Smell.

Gave the cup a wash with alcohol. Rubbed alcohol into every pore. Still, The Smell persisted.

Threw the cup in the dishwasher with the dishes. It came out nice and clean-looking, but The Smell could not be eliminated.

Finally I grabbed an unused toothbrush and start scrubbing away at the inside with some regular handsoap.

The Smell is almost completely decimated.


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Does anyone else find that their cup moves when they masturbate and leaks?
Seems as though my Mooncup always moves when I masturbate so I have to go and reinsert it - I'm wondering whether this is normal due to muscle contractions or if it could be a clue as to why my cup tips onto its side without its stem.


I know one of the wonderful things about the Divacup, or any cup for that matter, is that it doesn't suck up our natural lubrication, and allows for normal dischage while you still have your period. But my discharge seems to be tinted brown. I know my cup isn't leaking, because I've had that happen before, and it was much messier than this. This is just like the normal discharge I would have any other day, except it's light brown. It's not a big deal, but it's enough to lightly stain my underwear, and I got a cup so I didn't have to wear pads/pantyliners anymore. Does this happen to anybody else?