February 14th, 2005


About a month ago I finally managed to use my Mooncup successfully! I'd been inserting it at the wrong angle - it needed to go deeper and further back, if that makes any sense - my cervix seems to move lower down during my periods, and that's been confusing me for months.

The following morning, I was in absolute agony trying to get it out - even once I'd got a finger into it to break to seal - any tips on less painful removal? Is it just a matter of becoming accustomed to something that large being there?

Also, any tips on how to insert it while sitting/standing over the toilet - the occasion I managed it, I was squatting in the shower which isn't really convenient in the work toilets.

I've found that the entrance to my vagina gets sore and stays sore during my periods (some of this is probably due to failed attempts at Mooncup insertion), any advice on reducing this?