February 12th, 2005

water water


so. i'm wearing a tampon for the first time in my life. and it isn't fun. at all.

what does this have to do with the diva cup? oh, unfortunately everything *sobs*.
yeah. so i spent a WHOLE HOUR yesterday trying to get it in..i was making progress [thank you, period] but really...it wasn't going 'in' in. yeah. but i was still optimistic.
until this morning. another hour. trying to get the freaking thing in!
nothing happening, but lots and lots of pain. so i'm currently frustrated, feel like i've been fucked by something roughly the diameter of a telephone pole, with absolutely nothing to show for...:(

i've tried; lube, relaxing, breathing, not breathing, leg up on the toilet, in the bathtub...everything. WHY won't it go in? i mean, a whole baby's head is supposed to get through this hole. granted that hurts a LOT more..but still..

so then i just gave up entirely, and figured, with all this canoodle-doodling going on, a tampon might as well work.

i can tell why people hate these. :(

apoorva-is-very-frustrated. VERY.
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eee . . .help?

I started to use Instead yesterday since my period started -- whenever I went to empty it (my flow was a bit heavier after I started to move around a lot more), I would instert a finger to start to remove it, the first couple of times I would have to bear down to hook my finger under the rim to pull it out, and whenever I got about far enough that I didn't need to bear down and I could slowly pull it out -- I ended up feeling a squirt of blood all over . . .

I know I have it in right because I can't feel it and I know it's in the right place, but why am I get blood all over the place? Am I holding it wrong when I remove it, or what? It's not that I'm bothered by it, but it's been kind of messy since my flow has been a bit heavy since late last night and early this morning.

Any help at all is appreciated. Thank you so much! <3